There and Back Again

Malak Preslavets is famous for its waterlilies

This spring, Nissa and Nick will be returning to Bulgaria, bringing educational materials to the orphanage where Nick and Olivia spent 9 years of their lives. They’ll also be helping to prepare a vegetable garden that will serve the needs of the children there, and visiting with a very special friend. They will also be visiting a permaculture project in Shipka and making contacts with people to help us start our ministry there.

Our vision is to establish an intentional community where children who have ‘aged out’ of State care can come to live independently or with families, receive remedial education, life skills and vocational training, valuable experience, as well as solid Christian catechesis. Our aim is to form adults who are confident, capable, and kind; adults who can care for themselves, their families, and for others; Christians who will live and share the joy of the Gospel. Our hope is that some of these young people will go on to establish other such projects in Bulgaria and beyond.

We have set up a fundraiser on Facebook where Nissa is sharing photos, videos, as well as other fun and interesting information about Bulgaria and travel plans.

We are placing our efforts under the patronage of Pope St. John XXIII who faithfully served Bulgaria for many years as Msgr. Roncalli.

There and Back Again


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