Our community offers various levels of membership, each with its own level of involvement, according to members’ life circumstances. It’s absolutely possible to fall into more than one category.

Shop Customers, Students, and Visitors – folks who shop with us online or on farm, take courses, classes and workshops and those who come to stay on the farm for a night or longer.

CSA Shareholders – folks who support our work by purchasing farmshares and volunteer during the season. Purchase your seasonal share here.

Friends and Supporters – folks who align with our work and values who support us with financial gifts (according to their means), and share information about our work. Often casual volunteering.

Volunteers – folks who live in the wider community, but give their time and talents in a substantial way – several hours a month or more. This includes WWOOFers.

Residents – folks who live and work and contribute to the farms in significant ways. They’re family.

If you’re interested in exploring being part of our community, we recommend that you start at the top of the list and work your way down and let your experiences here guide you.

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