Community Membership Types

There are several types of community memberships for those who align with our values and ethics.

Residential Members make a commitment to live for a period of time – or for their whole lives – here on the farm, fully participating in the governance, financial support, and work of the community. Some residential members will work full time on farm enterprises, others have enterprises of their own that may support the community’s needs directly or indirectly.

Non Residential Members

– Local Members live locally in their own homes, strive to live life as closely as possible to our ways, participate in community life on the farm according to their state in life, and support the work of our community through various means. They have priority access to all of our community resources.

– Global Members are exactly like local members except they live farther afield.

Friends and Supporters

Include our CSA members, shop customers, students, guests, volunteers, and WWOOFers.

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