Care of the Human Person

We advocate for farmers and farm laborers, for just treatment, fair wages, fair prices, and policies that protect the profession of farming as foundational to the well-being of society.  We also advocate for the rights of all workers.

We support initiatives and organizations that offer immigrants and refugees shelter, stability, and assistance in making a new life in a place of safety, or in settling temporarily until they can return home.  We advocate for just policies and treatment of immigrants and refugees, and for the rights of their American-born children.

We work for those trafficked for sex or labour. We educate families and young people on trafficking prevention; and support agencies engaged in the rescue and rehabilitation of trafficking victims.  Adoption and orphan care are two essential preventions for trafficking.  Approximately 70% of children who leave the orphanage or foster system will be exploited.  Therapeutic home environments for these young people gives them a safe place to learn to belong to a family while they gain all of the knowledge and skills to become capable adults with a solid, life-long support system.

We care for the hungry by growing and donating nutritious foods directly to families in need and through food banks, homeless shelters, and soup kitchens.  We offer education on the purchase of nutritious foods on very small budgets, as well as instruction on their preparation and preservation.

We support organizations that care for the homeless offering them shelter and safety.  We advocate for the dignified treatment of the homeless, unemployed, underemployed, and for addicts.

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