Our mission in Bulgaria is to develop a small ecovillage community in the northeastern region of the country that will serve at-risk youth. 

The village we have chosen to work in is the same village in which three of our children resided, at the orphanage and later, a smaller group home. The village is dramatically depopulated, as is the case with many rural villages throughout Bulgaria. There are many vacant homes and gardens across the village. However, in recent years, many improvements to the main roads and buildings have been made. It is a location of great natural beauty, located on the River Danube. The lake immediately adjacent to the river is a popular tourist location during the annual water lily bloom.

The majority of the young people we intend to serve will have ‘aged out’ of the orphanage/group home system, and referred through personal contacts or through NGOs. Young people will receive remedial education, life skills training, and permaculture farming experience.  Our aim is to form adults who are confident, capable, and kind; adults who can care for themselves, their families, and for others.

The project will also identify ways to serve the other villagers, as well as those living in distressed settlements in the region.

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