A Rule of Life

Photography ©Nissa Gadbois

Let your work be your prayer, let your prayer be your work

Love – will the good of all that you encounter, they have been sent to you by God Himself

  • The husband/father is to lead his family in love, willing to lay down his own desires for their good.  In the absence of a father, this role is filled by the mother.
  • The wife/mother is to nurture and educate her children – first in the faith and, if possible, in all areas of learning at home.  When public or private education is necessary, it is imperative that she ensure the protection of her children’s innocence and of their souls.
  • Keep a predictable routine, a rhythm to the day, as well as to the year.
  • Find or establish a community that nourishes the faith.  Flourish there and remain stable.
  • Make family meal times a priority.  Let all members share in some way in the preparation of the food and/or table.
  • Attend daily Mass if possible, but reading the Mass for the day at least.  At least weekly rosary, daily if possible.  Morning and Evening prayer when possible, or the Little Office.  All of these should be prayed as a family.
  • Keep a small area for private prayer and devotion.
  • Observe the feasts and fasts of the Church.  (Live the Liturgical Year).  Abstain from meat on all Fridays of the year except during Eastertide and Christmastide.
  • Care for the poor and lonely.  Offer hospitality and relief from temporal burdens according to your gifts.  Pray with and for those in need of your intercession.
  • Modesty of dress- not only to wear that which is not revealing parts of our bodies, but also wearing clothes that do not display unnecessary opulence.  How can we serve the poor if we are always showing them that we are more materially wealthy than they are?
  • Modesty of thought – let no evil thoughts enter your mind.  If they enter, put them out right away.
  • Modesty of speech – not only using gracious words rather than foul ones, but also knowing when to keep silent.
  • Support yourselves with dignified work.  If possible, let the work of your own hands supply your family’s needs.  Treat your employees with justice and kindness.  Work for no one whose enterprise contradicts the precepts of the faith.
  • Engage in no outside activities that interfere unduly with family life, nor with any activity that contradicts the precepts of the faith.
  • Care for creation.  Use resources – natural, material, and human – wisely.  Prevent and repair damage.  Create the least waste possible.  Conserve.
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