Let all guests who arrive be received like Christ, for He is going to say, “I came as a guest, and you received Me” (Matt. 25:35).  And to all let due honor be shown, especially to the domestics of the faith and to pilgrims…

In the reception of the poor and of pilgrims the greatest care and solicitude should be shown,because it is especially in them that Christ is received; for as far as the rich are concerned, the very fear which they inspire wins respect for them.

~ Rule of St. Benedict, Chapter 53


We welcome clergy and religious to join us for a family meal, or to stay for a weekend or longer with our family.  Many clergy benefit from a family-centered environment, both for their own spiritual and emotional well-being, and as a means to rekindle an understanding of daily life in a family environment.  This time within a family enriches their own ministry to families in their parish through both liturgy and pastoral care.

We welcome children from orphanages or foster care, and young people who have ‘graduated’ from care but still need to support, love, and care of a family.  Children will receive remedial education, life skills training, and farming experience, as well as solid Christian catechesis. Our aim is to form adults who are confident, capable, and kind; adults who can care for themselves, their families, and for others; Christians who will live and share the joy of the Gospel.  We hope to serve as a model for a program in Bulgaria that will serve orphanage ‘graduates’ in country using employees and volunteers trained here on our farm.

We welcome families in crisis to receive assistance to find training and employment, life skills education, and spiritual guidance and encouragement. Eventually, we hope that we will be able to welcome these families to live in community with our family and with other families, in an independent but supported environment.

We welcome any family that is seeking a richer family life rooted in the Gospel, to retreat with us as couples, as family units, or in larger gatherings of many families.


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