Family Life Advocacy

“The decisive battle between the Lord and the kingdom of Satan will be over marriage and the family,” ~ Sr. Lucia dos Santos, Fatima visionary

We defend sacramental marriage as the ideal.  This is written on our bodies and in our hearts.  Lifelong marriage is a blessing to the individual spouses, to their children, to their extended families, to their friends, to the community, to the Church, and to the whole world.  Marriage is a vocation that deserves ongoing formation of husband and wife individually and as a couple.  We promote a way of life that is centered around the family and rooted firmly in the Gospel.  Through our ministry of ongoing marital formation, it is our goal to prevent the trauma of civil divorce, domestic violence, widowhood, fatherlessness, and poverty.

We defend the sanctity of life from conception to natural death.  We promote peace and non-violence, we protest against abortion, euthanasia, war, and the death penalty.  We advocate for proper treatment of embryos, and oppose their destruction and use as medical ‘material’.  We educate about the nature and effects of all forms of birth control and assisted conception technologies.

We advocate for adoption, particularly the adoption of older children who are frequently overlooked due to their age.  We protest maltreatment of children in orphanages and foster care.  We work to improve the lives of ‘graduates’ from the foster and orphanage systems so that they can mature into adults who are confident, capable, and kind; adults who can care for themselves, their families, and for others; Christians who will live and share the joy of the Gospel.


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